PT DAHANA (Persero) through its Corporate Social Responsibilty (CSR) Unit aided facilities for educational purpose to two schools located in the company’s neighborhood.

The aid was given in the form of whiteboards to “Kedungmaya” and “Danumaya” Elementary Schools in the village of Sadawarna, Cibogo, Subang (11/12).

According to head of PT DAHANA’s CSR Unit, RikrikIndryaSatia, the educational aid was part of PT DAHANA’s Community Development program for the community. “Our priority is (to help) the company’s surrounding neighborhood. Therefore, PT DAHANA’s existence would support the local community,” RIkrik said.
So far, the donation DAHANA provided to the surrounding community had been of various forms, starting from healthcare to educational and religious facilities. Head of Danumaya Elementary School, Ade Priatna responded positively to the donation.

“The donation would of course help us complete the school facilities,” he commented.

The same feedback came from Kedungmaya Elementary School teacher representative, Usman. He thought that DAHANA’s contribution in helping the community gave positive impact towards the community. However, Usmanexpressed his concern that the school was actually struggling to pay the teachers’ salary.

“We hope that other forms of aid could also be distributed, especially (donation) for the school’s operational cost,” he said. (JJS)