During this year’s Ramadan, after giving donation to the orphans living in the company’s surrounding area, PT DAHANA (Persero)’s CSR continued the “DAHANA Shares” program by helping the renovation of Al-Ikhlas Mosque located at Dukuh, Sadawarna village.

To help renovate the mosque, Dahana donated building materials such as cement, etc. The donation was presented directly by head of Dahana’s CSR, Lelly Sosidhalia to Head of Al-Ikhlas Mosque Council on Wednesday, July 16, 2014 at Al-Ikhlas Mosque in Sadawarna.

Lelly Sosidhalia explained that the aid this time was not quite big, but it acted as a form of Dahana’s concern and awareness towards its surrounding.

The amount of our donation is not that big. However, it acts as a form of our participation in social responsibility towards the community,” explained Lelly to Dfile.

Al-Ikhlas Mosque itself was built by the surrounding people themselves without any financial help from outside the community. The mosque had just finished its first renovation stage by restoring the inside of the mosque. During the second stage, renovation would focus on restoring the mosque exterior by widening the lobby area, building parking area, and renovating the ablution place. The second stage itself would only be carried out once there were enough fund and materials to start the work.

Head of Al-Ikhlas Mosque Council, Mahmud Sudarso said that the donation given by Dahana was the very first that they received for the second renovation. Mahmud revealed that until the time being, there had not been any donations from outside the community.

The donation from Dahana is the very first that we accepted, we haven’t received any other (from outside the community). But we usually do raise our own funds. As for the second renovation stage, Dahana was the only one of which had donated to us,” Mahmud Sudarso said.

Dahana’s CSR with its community development program had already helped the surrounding communities located near the Energetic Material Center (EMC) area. Various aid programs had already been launched, e.g. road reparation, patrol post construction, health care, and grocery bazaar. These acted as a record of Dahana’s awareness towards its surrounding community. (SYA)