Soaring price of basic necessities during Ramadan month has made many residents to scream, especially those who are economically mediocre. It is predicted that the increasing price will continue until the feast day of Idul Fitri.

However, for residents of Subang, West Java, particularly in Cibogo District, there is a little hope to cover the increasing price of basic necessities. During three days (25-27/7), “BMUN Peduli” program through Partnership and Environmental Development Program Work Unit, PT Dahana (Persero) organize cheap market for local residents.

The cheap market is one of programs established by the State Ministry of State Enterprises called “BUMN Peduli Masyarakat”. This program is targeted to poor community in Indonesia. Not only Dahana that is involved in the cheap market program, but also all BMUN’s incorporated in the State Ministry of State Enterprises show their participation. Such program targeted to poor community is spread in 400 points of location throughout Java Island and, some of them are outside Java Island.

For the designated BUMN, “BUMN Peduli 2012” Cheap Market itself must be implemented not later than 10 August 2012. The managing BUMN will inform on the date of implementation of the program as a form of monitoring on regional coordinator. Distribution in the area of West Java is coordinated by PTPN VIII.

Basic necessities that will be distributed in the implementation of “BUMN Peduli 2012” cheap market is marketed in the form of packet with purchasing value of IDR. 100,000.00 comprising 10 Kg Rice, 1 Liter Cooking Oil and 1 Kg granulated sugar. The basic necessities will be sold with discount of 70% of purchasing value, or IDR. 30,000.00 / packet;

Cheap market in West Java
PTPN VIII is an enterprise that is designated as coordinator of “BUMN Peduli Masyarakat 2012” Program for West Java Area. For West Java Area itself, there are 25 points of cheap market area which are spread in each regency / municipality. A managing BUMN is designated in each area.

According to Lilik Arifin, public relation officer of PTPN VIII, the fund prepared for “BUMN Peduli” Program in West Java area reach IDR. 10 billion. Such cash, if made as a packet of basic necessities, namely 10 kg of rice, 1 liter of oil and 1 kg of granulated sugar will be 13,519 packets. Lilik also said that, although this cheap market is not an annual agenda, but, almost every year, the State Ministry of BUMN holds such event.

Indeed, not all poor residents in West Java obtain the cheap market packet because of limited cost. For data on residents which deserve to obtain cheap market packet, Lilik recognize that it is adjusted to data on Targeted Household (RTS) dolog (logistics depot) existing in each area. Hopefully, our purpose in establishing this cheap market will provide assistance to middle- and lower-class community. Moreover, since before Ramadan Month and Idul Fitri days, the price of basic necessities will increase,” expected by Lilik, when he was interviewed by DFile journalist.

Dahana Cheap Market

In this “BUMN Peduli Masyarakat 2012” program, BUMN (State Enterprises) engaging in the sector of detonation, PT Dahana (Persero) is designated as the organizer of cheap market. The designated work unit is Partnership and Environmental Development Program (PKBL). The implementation of cheap market is held for three days, namely 25-27 July 2012. However, if during the specified three days, there are still representatives of residents obtaining allocation yet have not taken cheap packet, Dahana will still serve them until 10 August.

PT Dahana is currently focusing its activity in Subang, West Java, exactly in Cibogo District. Therefore, distribution of cheap packet is implemented around the district area. “Since we are in Subang, then cheap market is implemented in Subang,” said Lelly Sosidha Lia, Chairman of PKBL Dahana. According to Lelly, initial purpose of this BUMN cheap market is to anticipate the impact of increasing price of Fuel, which was previously planned to increase as per 1 April 2012. “Since the increase was cancelled, then, to anticipate increasing price of basic necessities in Ramadan Month, she added.

For Subang area, there are 5,407 packets which are distributed to residents who are from middle and lower economic status. Packets are distributed by way of representation, not directly distributed. “It is intended for anticipating any tumult or for the sake of security, Lelly added.

Cheap market that is held in Subang is initiated by opening and attended by the Secretary of Dahana, Asep Maskandar, Public Relations officer of PTPN VIII (Lilik Arifin), representative from Cibogo District, local village chief, and representatives of residents. Endang, as a representative from Cibogo District appreciate the existence of cheap market held in his area. Hopefully, it may assist community in Cibogo District, because the residents may obtain cheap basic necessities, Endang said in her welcoming speech.

Likewise, Syarifuddin, Chief of Kampung Cikareo Neighborhood, Sadawarna Village, that he is grateful if his residents obtained cheap basic necessities. Although he recognizes that some of his residents do not have money to purchase, yet it may be overcome by lending. Moreover, Syarifuddin recognized that many of his residents expect to obtain assistance in the form of money compared with basic necessities. As a response, Lelly Rosidha Lia recognize that Dahana as the organizer of cheap market may not satisfy the will of residents, because it is a program established by the State Ministry of State Enterprises.

Other than IDR. 30 thousand, in obtaining cheap market, residents only submit a proof in the form of Resident Identity Card and Family Identity Card. In the event of any resident not holding Resident Identity Card and Family Identity Card and are categorized as economically mediocre, he/she may obtain a certificate of economic incapacity from chiefs of neighborhood, neighborhoods, and village. “We also coordinate with every village chief so that those not holding Resident Identity Card or Family Identity Card may use the certificate issued by local village chief, Lelly added.

Enthusiasm of residents in obtaining cheap basic necessities is indeed very high. It is proven by many residents not obtaining the packet. Meanwhile, packets of basic necessities are limited, only 5,407 packets. Lelly, however, expect that, although the packets are limited, they may be beneficial for residents living in surrounding area, particularly for residents of Cibogo District, Subang, West Java. (rmt)