PT DAHANA (Persero) attended the inauguration of SOEs employees organized by the Indonesian Human Capital Forum (FHCI). FHCI had started conducting a series of selection processes for the Joint Recruitment Program in March. Participants who passed then took part in the inauguration ceremony on Friday morning, August 23, 2019, in the yard of the Ministry of SOEs Office.

The event, which was led directly by the Minister of RI’s SOEs Minister Rini Soemarno was attended by around 1,500 participants, consisting of those who passed the joint recruitment program and representatives from SOEs. Of the nearly one million participants who registered, 3,310 people were accepted during the joint recruitment program. 19 people of twhem would be 19 people will be assigned to PT DAHANA (Persero).

The joint recruitment programs is divided into three channels for admission namely regular, disability and citizens of Eastern Indonesia. According to the FHCI Chairman, Herdy Harman, there are currently 11,000 vacancies spread across 116 SOEs, which means that SOEs still need around 8,000 employees in 2019. According to the SOEs Minister, this number is below expectation.

“It is a pity that is that we have only recruited 3,300 people. I hope that next year we can recruit up to 50,000 people, so that the SOE must increase 10-fold,” said Rini in her speech.

After the inauguration, the majority of participants who were assigned to SOE’s in the Jabodetabek area were handed over to the respective company for further introduction, training and work placement by the company.

“There are 19 recruits for Dahana, 18 of which were selected through regular channels, whole one by means of the disability lines. The participants are expected to take part in orientation at the Dahana Subang Management Center (CAMPUS) from 2-7 September 2019. They will then join the National Defense Training organized by the Marines in Cilangkap, “said Abdul Latip, Assistant Manager for HR Services at PT DAHANA (Persero).

Also attending were PT DAHANA (Persero) Finance and HR Director Asmorohadi, PSDMO Senior Manager Bayu Anggoro, and Assiatant Manager for HR Services Abdul Latip. (yz)