The DAHANA 2019 CSR Fair started Wednesday, October 9, 2019. The peak of the CSR program of the explosives-producing company was packed with various events, ranging from education, social to recreational. This annual event lasted from 9 to 15 October 2019 in the Bale DAHANA area, Subang.

DAHANA's CSR Fair is an annual program to commemorate DAHANA's anniversary, and this year was DAHANA 53rd Anniversary. From the first day of DAHANA's CSR Fair, spectators could enjoy various of elementary level competitions, namely CCIQ competition, Adzan (prayer call) Competition, MTQ Competition, Speech Competition, Congregational Prayer Practices Competition and MHQ Competition.

On the second day of the fair there were junior and senior high school level competitions in Subang Regency, namely Poetry Reading Competition, Adzan Competition, MTQ Competition, Speech Competition, Calligraphy Competition, and MHQ Competition.

The third day of DAHANA's CSR program was made joyful with colouring competitions for early childhood of Cibogo District. 350 children participated in the colouring contest held in collaboration with Himpaudi Cibogo District. In addition, the contest was enlivened by the educational game Snake Ladder Champion in collaboration with the Subang District’s Transportation Department.

Students’ creativity and art was demonstrated a mural painting contest trash cans. The participants were junior/senior high school students working in groups. "We intentionally invite students to channel their talents by painting trash cans under the theme of environment conservation, "said Agus Setiawan.

Apart from competitions for students, this year's DAHANA CSR FAIR also delivered a competition among teachers. During the competition, the teachers were required to present teaching materials. "Actually, they demanded for competition categories for teachers, we have just held one branch of the competition," continued Agus Setiawan.

On the fourth day, DAHANA's CSR Fair program gave a free medical treatment to 1,000 people around the company. Meanwhile, the last day which was also the peak of DAHANA 2019 CSR Fair gave nutrition counselling activities in collaboration with the Cibogo Health Center and Blood Donation in collaboration with Subang Regency Red Cross. The DAHANA 2019 CSR FAIR was closed with delivery of DAHANA CSR Fair Appreciation which was attended by DAHANA's board of directors and Subang District Leaders.

"These events are the peak of DAHANA's CSR activities in 2019. We have various events and involve the community around the company," said Y. Agus Setiawan Chairperson of the DAHANA 2019 CSR FAIR Committee, who also serves as Senior Legal & Corporate Communication Manager of PT DAHANA (Persero).



Along with the DAHANA CSR Fair, Dahana 53rd anniversary organizer also held the Dahana Light Park in the courtyard and parking area of the Bale Dahana Building in Subang. The courtyard of the Bale DAHANA building was turned into colourful flashing lights decorating trees in the Bale DAHANA yard.

Apart from the colourful flashing lights that attracted many selfie photo takers, DAHANA Park Light was also a place where visitors could enjoy live music and snacks available in food trucks that sold various types of food and drinks.

DAHANA Light Park was open from October 9 to November 3, 2019. Visitors could enjoy decorative lighting from 18.30 to 21.00 Western Indonesian Time.

CSR PEKAN CSR DAHANA 2019 Berikan Pengobatan Gratis Bagi 1.000 Warga

DAHANA CSR FAIR Provides Free Medical Treatment to 1,000 Residents

Implementing the community development ptogram, PT DAHANA (Persero) delivered the Free Medical for the Environment Development Program for 1,000 residents. The event was part of 2019 DAHANA CSR FAIR series and was held on Monday, October 14, 2019 at Bale Dahana Subang.

Eman Suherman, Chairperson of PT DAHANA (Persero) PKBL said that this free medical activity was carried in collaboration between DAHANA and Cibogo Health Center and was available to the community around the company.

"This free medical treatment for 1,000 people is intended for people around the company, especially those in the Cibogo District, Subang," said Suherman.

Meanwhile, according to dr. Tirama, a member of the medical team from the Cibogo Puskesmas, the free treatment included a basic medical examination in response to the patient’s health problems.

"This time, as for the the treatment scheme, we are giving a basic medical examination in accordance to the patient’s health probems and symptoms. Our team of doctors from the Cibogo Health Center conducts a physical examination. When needed later, the medical team will also conduct a basic laboratory examination in the form of cholesterol check and blood sugar," said Dr. Tira.

Thes free medical activity for 1,000 people reeived a positive response from the Cibogo District government, Subang. Sri Novia, Chief of Cibogo District, welcomed and thanked DAHANA for organizing this free medical activities for 1,000 people.

"As the chief of Cibogo district, representing the Subang Regency government, allow me to thank DAHANA. We, the government, welcomed this activity very well and I hope this activity can be routinely carried out and in the future, hopefully in a wider scale can be wider so that not only residents of the Cibogo District can enjoy this free treatment, but also the people of Subang Regency in general, "Sri said

Ditemui disela sela pengobatan, Bapak Didi salah satu pasien yang berasal dari Desa Padaasih mengaku rela mengantri untuk memeriksakan kesehatanya. "Saya sudah datang dari pagi ke DAHANA, sengaja datang untuk memeriksakan kesehatan saya karena sering merasa pusing. Setelah diperiksa dokter ternyata darah saya rendah jadi dianjurkan untuk banyak minum air putih makan sayur bayam oleh dokter,” ungkap Didi.

During the event, Mr. Didi, one of the patients from Padaasih Village, admitted that he was willing to stand in queue for medical check. "I came early today to DAHANA for the medical check. You see I frequently have this headache and I need to have it examined. After the examination, it turned out that I have a low blood pressure. The doctor said I needed to drink a lot of water and eat spinach,” said Didi.

This free medical activity for 1,000 people was part of the 2019 DAHANA CSR FAIR event and was an realization of SOEs Present for the Country. Previously, various competitions were held for school students, including colouring, murals and teaching presentation contests for teachers. The DAHANA 2019 CSR FAIR took place from October 9 -15, 2019.


CSR PEKAN CSR DAHANA 2019 Ular Tangga Jawara dan Lomba Mewarnai Meriahkan Pekan CSR DAHANA

UlarSnake and Ladder and Colouring Contests Enliven DAHANA's CSR FAIR

During the third day of DAHANA 2019 CSR FAIR on Friday morning (11/10), the Bale Dahana was packed by hundreds of children who took part in the colouring competition. About 350 Early Age School students (PAUD) were registered as colouring participants in commemoration of DAHANA 2019 CSR FAIR 2019.

Viki Rohimat, one of the participants in the colouring competition representing PAUD R.A Bina Insan Sadawarna, looked so excited. He and hundreds of other children enthusiastically worked out the colouring the paper provided by the committee.

This coloring contest was held under DAHANA's collaboration with the organizer of Himpaudi of Cibogo District, Subang. According to Ida Royani, Head of Cibogo Distric District, the participants of this coloring contest came from 37 educational institutions of PAUD and kindergartens Cibogo District.

"The colouring contest at DAHANA this time was attended by hundreds of young children from 37 PAUDs and kindergarten educational institutions in Cibogo District. The competition is divided into two groups based on the age level of the children. Group A consists of children aged 3 to 4 years, while group B consists of children aged 5 to 6. The theme for group A is about natural scenery, while for group B is about traffic, " said Ida.

As for the competition evaluation criteria, the committee made judgement in terms of children's independence and neat colouring work. "So we value children's independence, we see that while doing the task the child is assisted by a mentor, and also of course we also assess the neat colouring work," Ida added.

After participating in the colouring contest, the children were invited to play together with the so called ‘Ular Tangga Jawara’ (Champion Snakes and Ladders) game. The game was held in collaboration with the Transportation Department of Subang Regency.

Cece Rahman, Chairperson of the Subang Transportation and Traffic Safety Campaign, explained that the snakes and ladders game is no different with the conventional snakes and ladders game, only this time the children serves as the counter of the game. Each box had a sentence on traffic safety messages.

"This snakes and ladders game is the same as the normal snakes and ladders game, the difference is, the counters physically replaced by the kid and in each box there is a question about traffic safety," said Cece.

It is hoped that this snakes and ladder game could help children understand the importance of safety in traffic. "So it was done in a fun way," concluded Cece.

CSR PEKAN CSR DAHANA 2019 Donor Darah di PEKAN CSR DAHANA 2019 diserbu Pendonor

Blood Donation at DAHANA 2019 CSR FAIR Attracts Many Donors

To make the DAHANA 2019 CSR Fair more meaningful, PT DAHANA (Persero) in collaboration with Subang District Red Cross conducted a Blood Donation Program which on Tuesday, October 15, 2019 at the Bale DAHANA building.

Widdy Kurniasih, an officer from the Subang Regency Red Cross said the quota for blood donation activity this time was 50 blood bags. "On this occasion, the Red Cross prepared a quota of 50 bags of blood and thank God, DAHANA's employees are enthusiastic that the quota of 50 bags of blood has been fulfilled," Widdy explained.

A number of DAHANA Subang Office employees were seen queuing up to wait for their turn to donate blood. Met in between activities, Feri Yuliansyah, who is e member of the Commander Team of the Security Team, shared his reasons for taking part in the blood donation program this time.

"This is my concern for others, I believe that a drop of blood that we donate means a lot those in need. Apart from it, I am also accustomed to donating blood since I was in the military," Feri said.

A similar comment was also expressed by Cindy, a participant of the Certified Student Internship Program at DAHANA. That was her second time blood donation.

"This is my second blood donation. It is great to be able to participate in the blood donation activity at DAHANA this time. Hopefully the blood that I donate can be useful for those in need," Cindy said.
The blood donation program at DAHANA is an annual routine program that is held at DAHANA under the close collaboration with the Subang Regency Red Cross


CSR PEKAN CSR DAHANA 2019 SMAN 1 Subang Juara Mural Pekan CSR Dahana 2019

Subang State Senior High School 1, Champion of Mural Competition at Dahana 2019 CSR Fair

Subang State Senior High School 1 was Champion of Mural Contest for Dahana 2019 CSR Fair. The contest was held of the third day of Dahana 2019 CSR Fair at the Bale Dahana. The Mural competition which required the use of paint and trash cans attracted junior and senior high school students from Subang Regency.

Chief of Dahana CSR Fair committee who was also Senior Manager of Legal and Corporate Communication of PT DAHANA (Persero) Y. Agus Setiawan said that the mural contest was aimed at training students to channel their creativity and imagination.

"Dahana facilitates students to channel their creativity and imagination during this competition. It is our hope that this competition will give a positive impact on students as well as to sharpen the students' left brain, "Agus said.

Meanwhile, Della, a student of Subang State Senior High School, said that this competition had a very positive impact because apart from channelling their talents and creativity, it could also add to the experience of their students.

"During the mural competition, PT. Dahana provided 4 drums that had been recycled into chairs and garden tables for each team. Each team consisted of 10 students. My friends from Subang State Senior High Scholl I and I raised the theme of environment care, and we painted each drum with the theme of the globe, pollution of the sea of plastic waste, forest preservation, and pollution from forest fires, "said Della.

CSR PEKAN CSR DAHANA 2019 Baru DAHANA Gelar Lomba Menyusun Materi Ajar Tingkat Guru

Teaching Material Competition for Teachers, Dahana’s newly introduced Competition

During the third day of the DAHANA 2019 CSR Fair, Friday, October 11, 2019 PT Dahana (Persero), working in collaboration with the Department of Education and Culture in Cibogo District, held a competition of teaching materials preparation. The newly introduced competition at the DAHANA CSR Fair was attended by teacher representatives from each school in Subang Regency.

When met during the competition, Ihsan Ramdan. One of the judges, said that 17 teachers participated in the competition; all of which were from schools in Subang Regency.

"The participants decided their own theme. Assessment criteria include the completeness of the material displayed and the mastery of material presentation,” Ihsan added.

Ihsan also mentioned that the teaching material preparation competition was expected to be an event to improve the competence of teachers in delivering teaching material to students. Teaching material is designed as attractive as possible to help students comprehend the subject matter in a better way.

Hedi Mardiana, one of the participants representing the Cibogo Vocational High School told about her experience in participating in the preparation of teaching materials. "This is my first experience in participating in a competition like this, I am very happy because it can add to the experience and also I feel the challenge because I have to compile teaching materials in a predetermined time," she said.

The committee divided the competition in two steps. During the first step, the 17 participants were given 90 minutes to compile the material. In the second step, 6 participants with best teaching material were selected and required to present their work within 5 minutes to determine the 1st , 2nd and 3rd winners. (Rmt)

CSR PEKAN CSR DAHANA 2019 Meriah Puncak PEKAN CSR DAHANA 2019 Disambut Antusias

The Peak DAHANA 2019 CSR FAIR Enthusiastically Welcomed

The peak of DAHANA 2019 CSR FAIR ran lively. The final round of the annual event was held on Tuesday, October 15, 2019 at the Bale Dahana Subang Building. Attendees included Deputy Regent of Subang, Commander of Suryadarma Kalijati Subang Airbase, Chairman of the Regental Counsellors, and Infantry Battalion 312 Kalahitam Subang and other officials from Subang Regency area.

Wildan Widarman, Director of Technology & Development in his remarks expressed his gratitude for the enthusiasm of the community in enlivening the DAHANA 2019 CSR Fair. He also thanked all parties who had been participating for smooth running of in the DAHANA CSR Fair events.

"I am representing the Board of Directors of PT DAHANA (Persero) and would like to thank all the people who have been enthusiastically participating in DAHANA CSR FAIR events. It is our hope that what we have been offering can leave benefit for us all," Wildan concluded.

The same thing was expressed by Deputy Regent of Subang, Agus Masykur. "On behalf of the government of Subang Regency, I express my gratitude to DAHANA for helping develop Subang Regency through their CSR programs. I do hope that in the future DAHANA can continue to participate in developing Subang," hoped Deputy Regent Agus Masykur.

During the peak event of DAHANA 2019 CSR Fair, a blood donation session was given in which DAHANA worked in collaboration with the Subang Regency Red Cross, Instruction for Malnutrition delivered by the Cibogo Health Centre, the awarding of the Manjadda Wajada competition, the donation of the DAHANA CSR Program symbolically, and the appreciation of DAHANA 2019 CSR activist.

The Community Development assistance was delivered to several Institutions as a form of the company's concern for the environment which included education, health, facilities and infrastructure, environmental preservation and religious facilities.

1. Education. Catfish ponds biofloc for CIBOGO STATE VOCATIONAL SCHOOL
2. Health Sector. Communal health care service with CIBOGO Public Health Center
3. Infrastructure facilities. Toilet facilities for Indonesia’s Association of the Blinds in Subang
4. Environmental preservation. Plant Seeds for Assyifa Wanareja IT High School
5. Prayer Houses. Construction of Nurul Iman Islamic boarding school in Cikareo Sadawarna Village.

CSR PEKAN CSR DAHANA 2019 SLB Negeri Subang Tampil di Puncak PEKAN CSR DAHANA 2019

Subang State School for the Disabled Performance  during Peak of DAHANA 2019 CSR FAIR  

The final event of DAHANA 2019 CSR Fair that took place on Tuesday, October 15, 2019 and was enlivened by the appearance of the art team from Subang State School for the Disabled. Talking during the event, the Principal of SLB Subang Yadi said that the school came with on invited 14 students to participate in the peak of DAHANA 2019 CSR Fair.

"We perform Galura dance to welcome guests and a number of songs accompanied by traditional musical instruments," said Yadi.

For information, the Subang State School for the Disabled is one of the most innovative types of school in Indonesia. Countless achievements have been made by the students of the school including the national champion youth pioneers and the national champion of solo singers for the blinds.

In addition to participating in national and regional level competitions, according to Yudi, the students were regularly invited to perform as a filler in various events. "Thank God we frequently get invitations, usually for performance at weddings and also at reception events usually held at hotels," said Yadi.


CSR PEKAN CSR DAHANA 2019 DAHANA Berikan Penghargaan Kepada Tokoh Pelopor dan Pendamping CSR

As a form of appreciation from PT DAHANA (Persero) to pioneering figures or those assisting in DAHANA's CSR activities in 2019, the Management of PT DAHANA (Persero) gave awards for the roles that have been carried out by various parties.

The award was presented at the peak event of the DAHANA 2019 CSR FAIR held on Tuesday, October 15, 2019 at the Bale Dahana Building. The award was delivered by the Director of Technology & Development of PT DAHANA (Persero) Wildan Widarman with Deputy Regent of Subang Agus Masykur, and Commander of Suryadarma Airbase Air Vice Marshall TNI I Wayan Sulaba., S.Sos., M.Si , and Chief of Subang District Counsellor P.H Narca Sukanda, S.Sos

According to Eman Suherman, Chairperson of DAHANA's Community Development Program, , the award was a form of DAHANA's appreciation of those who participated in helping the CSR program organized by DAHANA.

"They have been actively participating in the environmental development and partnership programs, so in our opinion they deserve appreciation; it is their hard work that has made Dahana environmental development and partnership program through Community Development program can be executed in a maximum way, especially for Subang Regency," explained Eman Suherman.

Following are the people who received appreciation for the pioneering or assisting in CSR activities.

1. Mister Sopyan from Sadawarna Village as a Regional Youth Pioneer
2. Mister Asep Damanhuri as Dahana Disaster Care Assistant
3. Mister Ocin as Youth Mobilization Partner
4. Cibogo Health Center as Government Agency of Dahana's CSR Partner
5. Subang Integrated Business Service Center (Plut) as a Partner Agency for Dahana Fostered Partners

Ocin, One of the recipients of the award from the Cibogo People's Animal Husbandry School thanked DAHANA for the appreciation that DAHANA had given her.

"Thank you DAHANA for the appreciation as a Youth Mobilization Mover. I am representing the Cibogo People's Animal Husbandry School and also hope that in the future the Cibogo animal husbandry school will continually work as a trusted Fostered Partner of Dahana," Ocin said.