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The journey of PT DAHANA (Persero) in managing and developing the GCG programme continues.  This programme is mandated by law and definitely serves as proof that PT DAHANA applies the principles of openness and fairness in running its business.

Concerning Dahana's GCG programme, the Corporate Secretary Asep Maskandar explained in details about Dahana's efforts to build this GCG.  Lately the management of GCG has been reinvigorated by the issuance of an Order to the GCG Team.  

The Order of the Board of Directors serves as a follow-up to the recommendation for assessment of Good Corporate Governance to perfect the infrastructure and practices of Good Corporate Governance.  As the Good Corporate Governance Team of PT DAHANA, the team shall have the duty to perform the function as GCG counterpart, to become a liaison and to facilitate the GCG consultant team.  

Other duties are to undertake improvement and perfection of the GCG infrastructure according to the 2010 GCG assessment results and conduct synchronization of the GCG system with the applicable policies, particularly the policies of the Ministry of State-Owned Enterprises.

This team consists of Asep Maskandar (Corporate Secretary) as Team Leader, Yadi Resmiadi (SM of Business Planning & Development) as Deputy Team Leader and Gerenda Nurwulan (Legal) as Team Secretary.  While other team members are Juli Jajuli (Public Relations), Destyana (RUMGA & General Administration) and Wibowo Budi Santoso (SPI).

PT Dahana (Persero) has applied the GCG (Good Corporate Governance) process intensively since 2004.  In the course of its application, it has obtained a satisfying achievement up to date. This may be seen from the increasing positive trends in score achievement.

To achieve it, PT Dahana (Persero) has undergone several phases in the process of GCG application programme.  In 2004, Indonesia Business Links has conducted an assessment with materials similar to the GCG Programme by applying the Focus Group Discussions (FGD) method.  

In addition, there were also leadership measurement parameters and indicators, policy setting, program development, system installation and measurement & reporting with a total score of 3.85 out of 5 on a scale. Then, the Authoring of GCG Practices Manual and Code of Conduct was undertaken.

In 2008, the Ministry of State-Owned Enterprises conducted monitoring and assistance of GCG application with the conclusion that the GCG Manual needed to be revised by referring to the benchmark of 50 indicators and 160 parameters of the Ministry of State-Owned Enterprises, therefore a responsible party was designated for the application of GCG in the Company and an assessment of GCG was conducted by an external assessor.

The outcome of monitoring and assistance conducted by the Ministry of State-Owned Enterprises resulted in actions to achieve perfection. The follow-ups made were the formation of a GCG Application Committee pursuant to the Resolution of the Board of Directors of PT Dahana (Persero) Number: Kep/85/XI/2008, the appointment of an Internal Supervisory Unit as the responsible party for the supervision of GCG implementation, the selection of GCG assessor and the preparation of instruments (policy and other materials) for the application of GCG.

In 2010, the GCG Practices Application Manual was ratified by virtue of the Resolution of the Board of Directors of PT Dahana Number: Kep/069/X/2010 and the appointment of Finance and Development Supervisory Agency (BPKP) as the assessor of implementation

Until the year 2011, the phases were still running, one of which was the implementation of GCG assessment by BPKP with the final score achievement being 71.79 out of 100 on a scale and the ratification of the Company Regulation on Rules of Conduct towards Ethics and Laws in relation to the application of GCG.

In addition to the application of GCG, PT Dahana (Persero) also innovates through the development of corporate culture. This programme has been built since 2008 by carrying the spirit to erode das sein towards das sollen, meaning a better culture. As spearhead of the implementation of this corporate culture building, an Agent of Changes (AOS) was formed, the members of which were selected from employees well trained in corporate culture.

Several programmes implemented: the meeting management efficiency programme by holding meetings promptly and effectively, the corporate cost reduction programme by reducing unnecessary activities or processes, 5R programme and other programmes. In addition, the culture programme also introduced the 'small win' that may be achieved within a relatively short time for the advancement and openness of the Company.

This corporate culture programme also managed to generate 7 cultural values as the new cultural references for PT Dahana (Persero). The 7 corporate cultural values are nationalism, leadership, trustworthy and services, professionalism, innovative, advantages and global alliances.

The implementation of GCG programme and corporate culture programme in PT Dahana (Persero) is performed continually to achieve satisfying results, such as the GCG assessment results that first reached the score of 17.78 out of 100 on a scale, the effectiveness of corporate communications increased from 85% in 2008 to 100% in 2010 and the enforcement of discipline and the consolidation of corporate culture.

Not only that, with the implementation of GCG and corporate culture programmes simultaneously, it is expected that PT Dahana (Persero) will someday transforms into a 'clean' and cultured company for a better future.