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Electric Detonator plant is operated through joint operation between Dahana and PT Pindad. The capacity is 1.500.000 pcs per annum. The Plant which is placed in Turen Malang is built to diminish the reliance of imported products. The production result of this plant are plain detonator, instaneous detonator, and delay detonator. Lately, Dahana is developing seismic detonator moreover innovation for developing “squib” on rocket lapan and pindad grenade intention..

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Meanwhile Non Electric detonator is located in Subang, West Java. This kind of detonator is one of accessories enthused rapidly by customers especially the giant mining such as coal and gold because it can reduce the vibration as the blasting impact to the environment. Besides the whole factors above, the blasting performance using non-electric detonator is better compared to the blasting performance using electric detonator. With production capacity 3 million unit per annum, the establishment of this plant hopefully fulfill the national markets demand.