dayadet Electric

Dayadet electric detonators are specially designed to provide the precise control necessary to produce accurate and consistent blasting result.


DayadetTM in cooper shell have wide range of applications, for example :

  • Open cut production blasting
  • Underground production blasting where present no fire damp or coal dust
  • Quarry blasting
  • General purpose applications


With a more powerful base charge and heavier copper alloy shell, DayadetTM detonators provide greater assurance or initiating severe conditions. I addition to their overall dependability, they are easy to handle and process excellent storage characteristic. They are well protected against static electricity and water pressure.



  • Legwires are insulated with an antistatic plastic compound to reduce electro static building.
  • Bridgewire is embedded in fusehead to provide electrically and mechanically superior contact.
  • Fusehead is positioned to reliably initiate ignition charge.
  • Insulating Clip give added support to bridgewire and holds fusehead in proper position.
  • Plastic Plug is double crimped to form waterproof seal and to hold all components in there proper position.



  • Excellent Water Resistance
  • High Accuracy Delays assure better breakage and fragmentation with less vibration.
  • Save Time And money Quality product under control and good ready stock.
  • Safety



Each case contains Delay Detonator of the same number. 10 detonators are held in bunch and every such bunch are inserted into small box which is the quality depend on the length of legwire, with the specification in the list below quantity:



Take care in handling prohibit to be impacted and frictionized, keep away from fire and heat source, prevent moisture. The resistance should be tested in protector before using and the testing current is less

than 0.03 A. Dayadet Electric Detonator must be stored in magazine suitably licensed for class 1.1B. The storage place should be well built, well ventilated clear, dry, fire resistant and securely locked when not in us. Detonator

should never be stored in the same magazine with other explosives. The cases should be stacked in the manner on the cases by “This side up”.