DABEX and ANFO Blend are waterproof Bulk Explosives specially designed for application in wet blasting conditions in open pit mining applications. They have been designed to be pump able using bulk delivery truck through a flexible loading hose lowered to the bottom of the blast hole. This product has been formulated to be used in holes down to 35 mm diameter, dependent on emulsion content and hole depth.


The post detonation fume characteristics of DABEX make the product well suited to both underground and surface blasting applications but as with all explosives, operators should ensure that adequate ventilation is provided prior to re-entry to the blast site.

DABEX is a non cap sensitive matrix, not sensitive to initiation a detonator No. 8 and has a very low mechanical impact sensitivity.

If exposed to fire, DABEX will self extinguished unless a vigorous external source of heat is applied. Whilst DABEX does not burn easily, it should be kept clear of flame or excessive heat.

If DABEX remnants are to be destroyed by burning, advice on the correct method should be sought from DAHANA’s Explosives Technical Specialists or from the local explosives statutory authority.


DABEX is a water resistant bulk explosives designed to deliver high energy in a relatively high density column explosives in mining, quarrying and general blasting work. This product has been formulated to be used in a wet blast hole where water resistant charging is required and can be loaded in holes down to 75 mm diameter, depedent on emulsion content and hole depth.

DABEX can be used by itself or in blends of up to 40 % by weight of DANFO. Gassing of the DABEX emulsion phase provides controlled modification of final blended product densities, detonation pressure, bulk explosives strength and gas volume.

The ability to gas the product allows the density of DABEX emulsion blends to be varied across the shot as ground conditions dictate. Blasting costs are also kept to a minimum as bulk explosive loading strengths are optimized.


DABEX is formulated to be non-cap sensitive matrix and will deliver maximum energy and afficiency when initiated by a high explosives solid booster/primer.

The minimum recommended priming methods for DABEX is 400 gr TNT/PETN Cast Booster.

Detonating Cord Effects

Detonating cord downlines are not recommended. If detonating cord is used, double priming at the top and bottom of the explosive


DABEX has been designed to be pumpable using bulk delivery truck and can be loaded through a flexible loading hose lowered to the bottom of the blast hole.

Sleeping Time Within Blastholes

DABEX will sleep in dry holes for up to three months. The product will sleep in wet holes for up to 30 days provided there is relatively little dynamic water flow through the geological strata.

Since product performance is dependent on factors such as, but not limited to, hole diameter, priming conditions, ground water and product density, DAHANA’s personnel should be consulted if unusual conditions exist.


DABEX is available in bulk. Charging to the Blast hole using special delivery truck as a package services of PT DAHANA.


Store DABEX in well ventilated magazine suitably licensed for Class 1.5 D Explosives.

DABEX has a strorage life in excess of 6 months in an approved magazine even hot or humid extremes.

Do not subject the product to impact and friction. Store in a well ventilated area, far away from sources of heat or ignition and other chemical.

DAHANA’s Explosives Technical Specialist should be consulted in the event of uncertainty as to product condition and/ or performance.


Scoop up as much of the product as possible and hose area down thoroughly. Prevent liquid from entering established sewage or drainage systems.

Dispose off waste in approved land fill or consult with an explosives manufacturer Dispose off in accordance with Local Waste Disposal Authority.