PT DAHANA (Persero) is a state-owned company (BUMN) in Indonesia engaging in the explosives industry which provide commerical explosices serves for general mining, oil and gas, and also quarry and construction. TO achieve the company's vision to be a leading national industry in the field of energic materials by providing highly competitive and enviromentally fiendly goods and service, Dahana gives great attention towards its Human Capital management thought the Management Trainee (MT) program. Dahana is seekingsuitable candidates who match the general qualifications and requirements to join the Management Trainee program at PT DAHANA (Persero)

General Requirements:

  • Maximum age of 30 years old
  • Has high of English proficiency (min. TOEFL Score is 450 proven by certificate)
  • Dynamic, has strong leadership, highly motivation, and good communication and computer literacy skill
  • Willing to be places at all business office/site projects of PT Dahana (Persero)
  • Willing to not marry during the Management Trainee program (9 months) 
  • Diploma Degree Majoring in Industial Automatization and Chamical Analyst with a Minimum GPA of 2.75


Send yout CV before 22 December 2017 to :


SUbject : Industrial Automatization/ Chemical Analist


*Only shortlist candidate will be proceed

*Please attach your CV and close-up photo


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