Dahana is an Indonesian State-Owned company in the field of strategic industry offering integrated explosives services for Oil & Gas, General Mining and Quarry & Construction sectors. Having experienced more than 40 years and supported by complete facilities, the latest technology and the best human resources. Dahana is your choice for partnership which may add the value of your operating company in Indonesia.


To be a leading national industry in the field of energetic materials by providing highly competitive and environmentally friendly goods and services.

  • To fulfill commercial explosive needs and their applications services for mining and construction sectors.
  • To Encourage the technology excellence through the development of human resources and strategic partnership with customers and suppliers.
  • To carry out the government programs and missions in the fields and business goals.

Besides having three line of business; Explosives manufacturing, Drilling & Blasting and Related Services, Dahana serves three segmentation of business: the first, General Mining Division giving the services for General Mining sector such as coal, gold and nickel; the second, Quarry & Construction Division serving the quarry mining segment for instance the Andesite, cement, Granite quarry, and also construction purposes for example the development of tunnel, highway, port, and electricity installation; the third, Oil & Gas Division for servicing the sector of Oil & Gas by offering perforation and seismic explosives services including other related services e.g. the explosives mobilization and licensing.

To hold up the whole services, Dahana is supported with the production facilities which are located in Tasikmalaya, Subang, Karimun, and also the production facilities which are placed at Dahana’s sites for example On Site Plant (OSP), ANFO Truck, MMU, Drilling Tools and Light Vihicle. Dahana also affords the magazine facilities which are adequate to keep the explosives functions.

The performance of Dahana in the operational sector is proven through ISO and OHSAS certification besides well integrated of quality, safety and environmental programs.








In supporting business reposition towards services provider, the role of HRD is becoming vital to accomplish business success.

The HRD target has been determined and within the next 5 years it has to reach the core competence resources by 50%.

To support the accomplishment, main programs are being thoroughly prepared covering: System Reorganization and Improvement also Competencies Development.



DAHANA’s culture underlies behavior and action of DAHANA’s personnel to create a sustainable growth.


As an SOE, DAHANA is capable of remaining a healthy company; has high sustainable competitiveness, technology independency and smart human resources based on spiritual intelligence that is able to keep the nation and country’s honor and dignity, therefore keeping the company existence free from foreign dependency.

Leadership & Professionalism

A leadership that is able to build trust and respect from those being led, which is shown from one’s honesty, justice, reliability, high integrity, capability of communicating effectively, consistency and persistency and courage to make bold decisions for the concern of the company, nation and country, supported by knowledge and skills conforming to the demands of their duties and responsibilities.

Trustworthy and service

Wholeheartedly able to fulfill reliable commitments to all interested parties (stakeholders) honestly, openly and full of responsibility; providing excellent services to customers while still having high awareness of the environment.

Innovative & Advantage

The company supports and provides equal treatment to every DAHANA personnel to be able to develop innovative process and/or services, both process and output, based on creative, dynamic and anticipative paradigm and learning behavior. Also provides services that are capable of meeting the demands promised to the customers fast and precisely in terms of time, method, quality and quantity.

Global alliance

Global Alliance is required in order to become a world class company ranked top 5 in blasting services industry in Asia, by expanding network based on equal and mutually beneficial partnership.