DAHANA’s performance has been recognized by some institutions which serve to provide ratings for business performance, among others, from InfoBank Magazine which awarded DAHANA with a title of ‘Very Good’ State-owned Enterprise in the category of non-financing industries. An award was also delivered by Investor Magazine featuring DAHANA as the best 2016 State-owned Enterprises for the category of non-financing strategic industry, and another award was presented by SWA Magazine for DAHANA’s achievement as First Rank State-Owned Enterprise for the category of Strategic Industry.

Such achievement has been an inseparable part of contribution of all of the Company’s elements and business partners that have been growing in harmony with the Company.

Finally, we would like to once again thank everyone for their continuous invaluable support for Dahana during the year of 2016.


DAHANA…. Be Excellent!

PT Dahana (Persero) received awards from Indonesian Government and other Institutions:

  1. The 2006 Industrial Technology Pioneer Award from the Indonesian government.
  2. Third winner in the 2006 National Excellence Technology Creation Award in the industrial field
  3. Ranked First in the 2011 Anugrah Cinta Karya Bangsa Award from the Indonesian government.
  4. Rank Second in the 2010 Anugrah Cinta Karya Bangsa Award from the Indonesian
  5. First Winner in the Category of Energy Efficient Building ForSOE Building in the 2012 National Energy Efficiency Award.
  6. Third Winner in the 2013 BUMN Award for best competitive in manufacturing SOE.
  7. 2nd Runner-up for Energy Efficient Building in the category of New Building of the 2013 ASEAN ENERGY AWARD 
  8. Rank Fourth in the 2009 Best Human Resources category from Business Review Magazine.
  9. Ranked “Very Good” in the Category of Non Financial State Owned Company from Info Bank Magazine 2009.
  10. Ranked first in the Category of Steel, Heavy Equipment, Armory and other industrial sector from Investor magazine in 2008, 2009 and 2010.
  11. Best Innovation for Green Product in the 2013 BUMN Innovation Award
  12. Best Innovation for corporate  Culture & Management in the 2013 BUMN Innovation Award
  13. Best Product Innovation of the 2013 BUMN Innovation Award
  14. Awarded Citation Institutional Architecture for Dahana Energetic Material Center from FuturArc Green Leadership Award in 2013
  15. Awarded “Very Good” for Financial Performance in Category of Non-Financial Industry State Owned Enterprise from Info Bank Magazine in 2013
  16. Awarded Green Industry Level 5 from Ministry of Industry in 2014
  17. Awarded Certification for National Vital Object Industrial Sector from Ministry of Industry in 2014
  18. Awarded GOLD for Strategic Marketing and SILVER for Tactical Marketing from BUMN Marketing Award in 2014
  19. Anugerah Business Review 2014 is Awarded Dahana for:
    1. 1st Rank for The Best Corporation for Risk Management of the year
    2. 2nd Rank The Best Operation Management of th year
    3. 5th Rank The Best Non Listed Company of the year
    4. The Best Potential CEO for Cohesive Leader Category (F. harry Sampurno)
  20. Excellent Achievement for Indonesia Best Corporate Transformation Award from SWA in 2014
  21. Awarded The Best 20 Inovation Works for “Dabex Oli Bekas untuk Bahan Peledak Bulk Emulsion” from Ministry of Research, Technology, and Higher Education Indonesia
  22. Awarded “Very Good” for Financial Performance in Category of Non-Financial Industry State Owned Enterprise from Info Bank Magazine in 2015
  23. Awarded The Best State Owned Enterprise in Non Financial Strategic Industry Category from Investor Magazine Awards 2016
  24. Awarded 1st Rank of Indonesia State Owned enterprise Performance in Category Strategic Industry from SWA Award 2016
  25. Awarded “Very Good” for Financial Performance in Category of Non-Financial Industry State Owned Enterprise from Info Bank Magazine in 2016
  26. Awarded as "The Most Improved Company of The Year" from Indonesia Achievement & Best Performing Award 2017 by Indonesia Inspire Magazine
  27. Best Corporate Giving Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) from Subang Regency Government
  28. Procurement Award 2017 Category Material Year 2017 from PT Elnusa
  29. Marketeer of The Year Award from Indonesia Marketeer Festival 2018 (Budi Antono)
  30. Silver Award Security Management System from Chief of Police of The Republic of Indonesia 2018
  31. Silver Winner in the category of the Best Indonesian Best Orderly from Revolusi Mental Award 2018
  32. Gold Winner category The Best Leader of  Best Work Ethics from Revolusi Mental Award 2018
  33. Best Mining Services on Blasting Provider Category from Directorate General of Mineral & Coal, Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources 2018
  34. Environmental Preservation Award from Subang Government 2018
  35. 3rd Ranked The Best Domestic Investment Company from West Java Province Government
  36. Peringkat Ke- 3 BUMN Kinerja Keuangan Terbaik dengan predikat “Sangat Bagus” dari majalah Infobank 2018
  37. Top CSR Explosives Industry Sector from Top CSR Award 2018
  38. Top Leader on CSR Commitment dari Top CSR Award 2018 (Budi Antono)


Penghargaan Kreasi Teknologi Unggulan Nasional dari Pemerintah RI (2006)

Penghargaan Rintisan Teknologi Industri dari Pemerintah RI  (2006)

Penghargaan BUMN Terbaik 2008 Kategori Bidang Non Keuangan, Sektor Industri Baja, Alat Berat dan Persenjataan dari Majalah INVESTOR (2008)

Anugerah ke-4 kategori Perusahaan Non Tbk (Non-Listed) Terbaik dan Peringkat ke-4 Kategori SDM Terbaik dari Majalah Business Review (2009)

Peringkat pertama Kategori sektor Industri Baja, Alat Berat, Persenjataan dan Lainnya pada peganugerahan 50 Best BUMN 2009 oleh Majalah “Investor” (2009)

Majalah Investor, sebagai BUMN terbaik 2010 Sektor Non Keuangan Sektor Industri Strategis

Majalah Info Bank, sebagai BUMN Kategori Non Keuangan yang berpredikat Sangat Bagus untuk tahun 2009

Pemerintah Republik Indonesia, penghargaan peringkat kedua Anugrah Cinta Karya Bangsa 2010 untuk kategori BUMN